Wondered Photographing Gray Owls in the Wild

What number of you parents out there have really observed an owl in nature? On the off chance that you've at any point thought about what shooting them must resemble, this video will take you through a night in quest for owls in the Tetons.

In this video from Steve Mattheis, we see what it resembles to be on the chase with his camera gear for owls all over the place in nature. We can likewise pick up some basic hints that can assist us with excursion in the event that we ever end up in a comparable circumstance. I believe that as one would expect, the genuine detract from this video (or any untamed life photography-related subject so far as that is concerned) is that a great deal of persistence and a little karma are the name of the game.

The primary concern we can gather from this one are good ways from subject and central length. Except if you are insane fortunate, you're commonly not going to get excessively near owls, particularly on the off chance that they are out chasing for their nightly feast. This implies your 50mm, 85mm, and 105mm focal points won't be your companions here. At the point when you're out birding (owling for this situation, is that a thing?) you'll need to longest zoom focal point that you can oversee, more noteworthy than 300mm is a decent spot to begin yet the more extended the central length the better.

Have you at any point seen an owl in nature? I realize that I've seen a couple to a great extent, normally around nightfall flying from a utility pole or something to that effect however they are unquestionably an uncommon sight. Just once have I seen an owl out in the timberland chasing for nourishment and it was epic. It was a cold morning and I was out climbing and essentially had the entire trail to myself. I saw something fly from one tree to the ground at that point back up to another tree. It was a tremendous owl, I could scarcely contain my fervor, and I basically remained there taking photographs (in spite of being sick prepared) for the following 30 or so minutes. On the off chance that you've had the tolerance and favorable luck to catch an owl previously, drop the photograph in the remarks, I'd love to perceive what you found.

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